Tomás Böttiger Müller
Chairman of the Board

More than 100 years of experience have led us to be leaders in all areas of our business in Chile, and to transfer our experience to Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Puerto Rico.

Ricardo Ariztía De Castro
Board Member
Michael Grasty Cousiño
Board Member
Rolf Mengdehl Kulenkampff
Board Member
Jorge Rodríguez Cifuentes
Board Member
Jaime Matas González


Patricio Brinck González
General Manager Compañía de Leasing
Pablo Stevenson Donoso
General Manager Tattersall Gestión de Activos
Gonzalo Pérez Ulloa
General Manager Tattersall Maquinarias
Alejandro Vial Lira
General Manager Tattersall Ganado
Matias Orrego Castro
General Manager Tattersall Automotriz
Pablo Tornquist Cruzat
Executive Director Tattersall Agroinsumos
Jaime Matas González
General Manager Maco Tattersall
Germán Wielandt Necochea
General Manager Agroriego Tattersall
Lukas Böttiger Velasco
General Manager Servitattersall
Jaime Avilés Bezanilla
General Manager Tattersall Warrants
Alfonso Monasterio
General Manager Tattersall Monasterio
Yamil Adum Valdivia
General Manager Tattersall Perú